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The Finnish Tracking Trial
The Finnish tracking trial is performed in a forest. The trial is divided into parts. The dog must:

  • find the track from a searching line and
  • follow the track to it's ending point

  • A participating dog is working in a tracking harness and in a 10 meter long lead.
    The searching line is a marked distance between two points in terrain. The track crosses the searching line at unknown distance.

    The dog must independently find and pick up the track from this line. The instructor follows the dog at 10 meters distance (the lead). The dog must find the track from the line and start tracking it correctly in 5 minutes of time

    The track itself (made by a helper) travels winding in and out, and forms angles, in the terrain. When the track is being made, on the track will be left six wooden objects, the last one at the end of the track. To estimate the accuransy of a dogs tracking, instructor must bring all the founded objects to the judge. The judge doesn't follow the tracking dog in the terrain.

    Tracking objects (below) From left to right: Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3
    Age of the track
    60 minutes
    90 minutes
    120 minutes
    Length of the track
    500 meters
    1.000 meters
    1.500 meters
    Searching line
    30 meters
    40 meters
    50 meters
    plain wood
    painted wood
    natural wood
    one 90 degrees
    several 90 degrees
    several, also 45 degrees
    Time to track
    20 minutes
    30 minutes
    40 minutes

    In Class III, a participating dog must also take part in Article search.


  • Finding the track - 40 points
  • Objects 1-5 ( 20p) - 100 points
  • Object 6 - 60 points

  • TOTAL - 200 points

  • Finding the track - 40 points
  • Objects 1-5 ( 15p) - 75 points
  • Object 6 - 55 points
  • Article search - 30 points

  • TOTAL - 200 points

    To gain a certificate a dog must follow the whole track (find object 6!) and of course must have n acceptable obedience...

    Titles awarded: JK1, JK2, JK3