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The test consists of two parts

  • Field work


    The field work is normally performed in the woods. The track is about 1,500 meters long and 2 hours 30 minutes old. There is also one misleading track which crosses the actual track in a 90 degrees angle. This misleading track is made by another helper than the trial track and is 60 minutes older/newer that the track.
    The trial track (made by a helper) travels winding in and out, and forms angles, in the terrain. As the track is being made, there are two objects left on the track. For estimating the accurancy the tracking, instructor must bring both of the objects to the judge. The judge doesn't follow the tracking dog in the terrain.

    The track starts from somewhere in a marked area of 50 x 50 meters. The dog must seacch the track from this area in five minutes' time and start tracking.

    In the end of the track lies a person. When the dog comes to the end of the track he must indicate this person clearly to the instructor.

    The Finnish SAR-system - Tracking Tests