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Bouvierkennel "Naavaparran"?

How on earth do they pronounce it?
Never mind - there are those funny double vowels and double consonants that make every foreigner quite uncertain about the spelling of the whole thing...

What on earth does it mean?

Both words are of course Finnish ones.
"Naava" may be found from old unspoiled forests where there are no human pollution to be found. It is grey and harsh and You call it hanging moss or tree lichen.
"Parran" is the genetive of the word "beard" (parta in Finnish). So, all our bouviers are dogs with a beard like tree lichen.

Bouvierkennel Naavaparran
Contact Information:

Bouvierkennel Naavaparran - MAP
Jorma & Pirkko Lankinen
Plakkikaupungink. 23 B
FIN-20320 Turku, Finland

Tel. +358-2-2390640
Fax + 358-2-2390649

Jorma: +358-400-807304
Pirkko: +358-40-5073948


Kennel Naavaparran

There is one very special lady that is to be remembered and introduced in our virtual home: the godmother of all our bouviers
Mrs. Sylvia Gartner from Sydney, Australia.

Without the dogs and the internet our lives could not have crossed in a way they have done. Thank You for being there, Sylvi!

Mrs. Sylvia Gartner Eva Einola-Koponen
...and who makes the nurse to call and to informe that Klaara has to come and have her hips xrayed on Monday at 12 a´clock...while Piukku is very good at making excuses why not just now!

...or who has the skills and the talent to make us all feel secure no matter what the situation is...

It is, of course, our personal veterinarian, Mysse, Mrs Eva Einola Koponen, at DogCatClinic!

Visite also her clinic's homepages at
or her kennel's homepages at