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Your sock Mr...
This part is included in the third class of all Finnish trial forms except Shutzhund trial. In the actual Search Trial and General Trial article search is performed also in the lower classes.

The area to work is 50 x 50 meters. This area is walked throughout by several people and a dog in advance to prevent the dog tracking the object. Participating dog must find objects by picking their smell in the air.

Three object (a glove, purse, piece of a leather etc - size depending of trial class) are placed in the searching area. The instructor chooses one side from the four possible ones to work from. He must stay on the selected side during the search.

The dog should search the area throughout and bring the objects to the instructor. The time limit for searching is 5 minutes.

The dog gains 10 points from the efficiency of it's working plus the maximum of 20 points from three finded objects.

Typical objects
Typical objects