The Bouvier Database

1997 Jorma Lankinen

Technical Info


The Bouvier Database is based on a flat ASCII database. The performance of this solution is maybe not the best possible, but after several experiments on different kinds of UNIX based database solution we have decided to use this simple data structure.

The benefits of this solution are

The basic database operations are based on Selena Sol's db_manager CGI-script. The use of the database is divided into three separate phases:

1) Search -script

Basic search -script for performing the aphabetical search for the dogs in the database. This phase uses the above mentioned db_manager -script with minor updates.

2) Pedigree printout -script

This script collects the desired data and builds a dog's pedigree on the screen.

3) The Result -database handling scripts

The result datas are located in their own databases. To show results, the system performs a search to those databases. The neede parameters will be added automatically.


All the included data is encrypted and can't be used by any other applications.

Linking to The Bouvier Database

If You like, you can link directly from your own website to the database. Just copy thecontent of your browsers "LOCATION" or "ADDRESS" -window and paste it as a hyperlink to your page.

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