The Bouvier Database - Instructions

1997/98 Jorma Lankinen


The bouvier pedigrees on our WEB-site are based on our database of bouvier related information. There may be missing or incorrect information, if you find some, please email us.

At the moment our database consists of more than 100 megabytes of bouvier data including information on more than 20.000 dogs alltogether. The amount of dogs is not accurate, because we still have several duplicates included (the exact number of dogs is today 23.478, but...).

Our database doesn't concentrate on pedigree information only, it includes also many kinds of useful information on health examinations, trial results, conformation judgements, character test results etc. At the moment we have included all the public bouvier related data of our own country.

In the future we aim at publishing the whole database in the web. At the moment you can examine about 11.000 pedigrees.

New features of '98:

The Bouvier Database is open for all. You don't need a password to examine it.

The Database is now directly linked to result data. You can examine a dogs Working Trial-, Character Test, Show Obedience and Conformation-results directly from the pedigree.

Viewing a pedigree doesn't anymore require JAVA.

This site is designed to be best viewed with a 800x600 screen resolution and at least 16K of colors

Using The Bouvier Database


After logging in The Bouvier Database, you will be transformed to the Search page. The search is performed by the following screen:

Search the Database

Keyword Searching

In the following text fields, you may search the database according to keywords. You can also use the exact match and case sensitive boxes to modify your search

Exact Match?
Case Sensitive?

 The form above is only an example! To enter the database selcet "Enter The.." from the menu.

Fill in the desired dog's name or any part of the name. The search is performed as a pattern search, and any occurance of the letter combination you gave, will match. For example a search for the word "anka" will match with "Queen Anka v.d. Axmagal, Anka v.d. Pleinzicht and Aranka...).

With the included option boxes you are able to focus your search more presicely. By selecting the "Exact Match" -option your search will match only with whole words. In the example above, the last match will drop off with this option selected.

You can also use the "Case Sentitive" option. With the above example (without the "Exact Match" -option) your search would match only to the last of the examples (Aranka).

After defining the search terms, click the "Search Database for Matching Items" -button and wait until the results of the search appear on your screen.

You will get a list of all the dogs matching your search criteria. The list consists of the name and the sex (M/F) of dogs in the database and it's HD-status, links to possible result data. Because of the large amount of the data transferred, the maximum number of search results has been limited to 200. If your search matches with more than this maximum, press you browsers BACK-button and try to focus your search again.

By clicking on the name of a dog, you'll get it's pedigree printed on your screen. With the result-links You may examine any dog's results.

For selecting a new pedigree, click your Browsers BACK-button.

The information included

Registration number

All the dogs in the pedigrees have a registration number whith will give you information concerning the dog's origin. The first letters of this ID connects the dog to its homecountry.

FIN - Finland ('95-)
LOF - France
LOSH - Belgium
N - Norway
NHSB - The Netherlands
KC - Great Britain
S - Sweden
SF - Finland (-'94)
ZB - Germany

HD - Official Veterinary Statement of the Hip Dysplasia

CT - Character test results

The results of the different Character test systems'. For more info about the Finnish Character Test for dogs click HERE

+ qualified
qualified in The Finnish Mental Test for dogs (low)
qualified in The Finnish Mental Test for dogs (high)
qualified in The Finnish Mental Test for dogs (extreme high)
qualified in The Swedish Character Test (includes also the exterior evaluation)

S + year -
qualified in the Belgian Selection (mental & exterior evalution)
S + year + T - Selection du Travail - Belgian Working Dog selection test

Trial Results

IP - FCI's protection trial, classes 1-3(highest)
German Schutzhund -trial, classes 1-3
VH -
Former protection trial of the Netherlands, classes 1-3
Certified in the Dutch Police Dog Trial
PH1, PH2 -
Certified in the Dutch Police Dog Trial
Certified in the Dutch Police Dog Trial with honours

HK - The Finnish search trial, classes 1-3
JK -
The Finnish tracking trial, classe 1-3
VK -
The Finnish Messenger Dog  Trial, classes 1-3
YK -
The Finnish General Trial, classes 1-3

For more information on Finnish and international trials click HERE

VZH - Citizenship test for dogs - resembles CGC in the US
UV -
Durability test for dogs in the Netherlands - In Germany known as AD
G&G -
Dutch obedience trial

WCH - Working Champion
Obedience Champion


All kind of feedback on The Bouvier Database is very valuable for us.It has not been possible for us to test this system on different plattforms and connections, so we need you help improving this database.

Please tell us Your comments concerning the database, it's performance, functions etc. by emailing us.
Thank You!!!

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